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Nature Based Solutions for Urban Water Management

Project 1: Monitoring Water Sensitive Urban Design performance 



  • This project aims to explore the potential of a low-cost water sensor in monitoring work.

  • Its performance was compared with a traditional water sensor.

  • Low-cost sensor showed good accuracy.

  • With acceptable accuracy and affordability, the low-cost sensor is worth for further testing and use in monitoring.

Project leads: Perrine Hamel (Principal Investigator), Ding Ning (PhD student)

Publication: Ding,N., Hamel.,P., Zhu,Q., Cherqui,F., Bertrand-Krajewski, J.L. (2022)

Low-cost sensors in monitoring Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) performance in Singapore - Lab testing of water level sensor

Project 2: Nature-based solutions for flood risk


  • Deforestation and unplanned development increase flood risk.

  • This project aims to understand the conditions needed to mitigate the risks and incorporate them into urban planning.

  • Research is advanced in modelling riverine flooding in response to changes in land management and flood exposure & risk.

  • Current work focuses on a case study in the Chindwin Basin, Myanmar.


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