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Ecosystem Services Modelling

Project 1: Campus Ecosystem Services Assessment



Universities are at the frontlines to push the ecosystem services (ES) agenda due to their unique position in society. As Nanyang Technological University (NTU) pursues its sustainability goals, this project aims to assess the state of the art of integrated ES assessment for university campuses and conduct a historical assessment of ES of the NTU campus. 

Project leads: Asst. Prof. Perrine Hamel & Noelle Ong

Collaborator: Earthlink NTU

Publications (forthcoming/published)

Project 2: Carbon storage and sequestration in SEA


Rapid land-use land-cover changes in Southeast Asia (SEA) affect carbon dynamics and emissions. This project aims to study these changes and the potential for nature-based solutions and nature climate solutions (NCS). We performed an urban cluster level assessment for SEA of current and future scenarios for carbon sequestration service and climate mitigation potential. Our study confirms that NCS, and particularly reforestation, are in many cases able to offset the direct emissions from land cover conversion from SEA urban clusters.

Project leads: Shankar Acharya Kamarajugedda (Research Fellow) & Asst. Prof. Perrine Hamel (Principal Investigator)


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