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Cooling Singapore 2.0

Cooling Singapore 2.0

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Urban heat stress is a hot topic in Singapore. The combined effects of urban heat and climate change create significant risk of heat stress. Together with collaborators from NUS, SMU and government stakeholders we aim to quantify urban heat risk across Singapore and
how it may be mitigated by nature-based solutions.


Nature-based solutions including forest protection, urban tree planting and green roofs can provide urban heat mitigation. However, it is unclear climate change will impact the plant species used in these solutions and the ecosystem services they provide. We aim to 1) predict potential changes in ecosystem service provision and 2) inform the planting of climate resilient species. This project leverages the InVest modelling tools to predict the benefits of nature-based solutions under future climate and urban planning scenarios.


Project leads: Emma Ramsay & Perrine Hamel


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