Resilient East Coast


Resilient East Coast is a project to contribute to a resilience assessment of Singapore’s East Coast neighbourhood with a specific focus on natural infrastructure. This includes:

  • Analysing the different subsystems (social, ecological, technological) of East Coast and identifying the type of resilience with focus on (resilience of what, to what, for whom, where, and why)

  • Assessing a set of important ecosystem services provided by natural infrastructure

  • Interpreting results to propose future recommendations to enhance resilience

The project is part of the ES 3202 (Resilient Urban Systems) module at ASE.

As part of the project, students grouped into 3 groups with on focus on

Resilience on three main key themes:

1) Urban Cooling and Flood Risk Mitigation

2) Food Resilience in face of Climate Change

3) Rain Gardens for Resilient Shophouses

Resilience Assessment of East Coast’s Urban Trees And Recommendations To Improve the Distribution of Ecosystem Services

By Faith, Marcus and Rae Ann

Strengthening East Coast's Food Resilience in face of Climate Change

By Ang Wan Qi, Chua Ying Xuan,

Victoria Cahyani Tanggono

Rain Gardens as Resilience of Shophouses to Pluvial Flooding

By Ben Chua, Tan Shi Ying

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