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Tools for Urban Resilience


Project 1: Resilience Indices and Rankings


Every year there are more than 40 city indices published worldwide to rank cities across the globe. These rankings showcase how cities perform when compared with each other in their region or globally based on various indicators. With each year, cities are competing with other cities in terms of livability, quality of life, competitiveness, sustainability, prosperity, resilience, and others. 

This project intends to explore how these rankings are useful, what are some of the issues with these rankings and how they eventually can be improved further to bring the best out of them.

Research Goals:

  • To understand the motive behind the various indices, their usefulness and application.

  • To study the relevant indices in detail by engaging with the authors.

  • To understand if local policymakers do use the indices in practice, to move up in city rankings and learn from other cities.


Project leads: Devansh Jain, Perrine Hamel

PublicationsBetter Rankings for Better Cities: The Limitations and Prospects of City Rankings The Nature of Cities (2022)

Project 2: Urban Living Labs


With the emerging urbanization challenges and climate change, cities need to innovate and experiment to pave a way forward for an inclusive society. Actors around the world are developing stakeholder based methods to solve complex and persistent challenges. There is a renewed interest in the mobilisation of experimental practices within urban planning and one such group of experimental approaches is known as urban living labs. These Living labs are intended to innovate, with the aim to replicate the lessons learnt in other places thus speeding up and scaling up the urgent and needed sustainability transitions.

This project intends to understand the concept of urban living labs in depth and looks at its potential and applicability in Singapore. The inspiration for the project is derived from a workshop on Urban Living Labs organized by Amsterdam Institute for advanced metropolitan solutions (AMS Institute) in February 2021.

Project leads: Devansh Jain, Perrine Hamel

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