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Urban Sustainability R&D e-Symposia 2021

Emerging Stronger: Innovative Cities of Tomorrow

Analytics and the City: Data Analytics, Modelling and Simulation for Urban Planning and Design | 19 November | 2:30pm - 4:00pm

To ensure that urban environments are sustainable, livable and resilient, the field of urban planning must adapt to increasingly complex environments. This includes being able to make sense of, respond to, and anticipate changing needs and demands by tapping on digital solutions to enable more data-informed planning decisions, more targeted and optimal planning strategies, and a more productive way of planning in Singapore.

This webinar on Analytics and the City brings together experts on public health, geographic information science, and ecosystem services to discuss advancements in Data Analytics, Modelling & Simulation. They will share insights on how data can be used to shape the built environment to improve well-being, promote behavioral change toward sustainable mobility, and design nature spaces to leverage ecosystem services benefits.

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