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Call for Art Submissions

What is your idea of a natural place?

Please describe, as accurately as possible, by words and/or drawings a natural place – a real or imaginary one. Your description can concern a natural place related to a positive or negative experience, to a childhood memory or to a recent one. It can also concern a natural place that exists only in your imagination because you have never been there.

What do we consider a natural place?

What kind of descriptions are triggered by direct experience of a place and what kind of descriptions arise solely from imagination?

How does memory shape our perception of the world?

The answers to these questions will be re-interpreted and re-arranged into a “continuous collective landscape” which will be the subject of an artist’s book.

Being There_Oltre il giardino (Beyond the garden) is part of an ongoing research project begun by Italian artist Claudia Losi in 2012, which revolves around our physical, sensory, and cognitive relation to places *. “Being there” is considered as the act of encountering a place through multiple narratives based on embodied experience, personal memory, remote imagination, or abstract knowledge.

Since its beginning Being There has taken on many different forms and characterizations: data collection, large collective embroideries and choral singing performances. In this specific phase the collected descriptions, the images, the videos will converge in a large woven mapping, drawn by the artist and then will be included in the final publication, in which all of its multiple phases will be collected.

What is your idea of Natural Place?

share it with being there,

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