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April's TNOC Virtual Festival

In April, we were packed with a two-week (15-26 April 2024) virtual festival spearheaded by The Nature of Cities Festival (TNOC). We meant people from across the world with interests in -of course- nature in cities! We joined some sessions and even led our own ones:

  • What can nature-positive cities look like? An application of the Urban Nature Futures Framework

  • A Compendium of Participatory Methods for Nature-Based Solutions

  • Evaluating nature in cities: a beginner’s guide to ecosystem service modelling

  • NATURA Roadmap for Urban Nature-based Solutions: What are the implications for Asia?

Sessions were hosted interactively with various engagement tools like Mentimeter and Copilot, making the festival extra memorable. We are excited to see how the in-person TNOC Festival in Berlin will unfold in June 3-7!

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