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Current Vacancy : Research Assistant (Programme Officer)

The research laboratory on Resilient and Inclusive cities at ASE addresses important challenges related to rapid urbanization and climate change in Asia-Pacific. It focuses on understanding and modelling the benefits of nature-based solutions – e.g. urban parks or peri-urban forests, road trees, green roofs – in the region to inform policy and practice, and create more resilient and inclusive cities. The program builds upon an interdisciplinary approach, combining geospatial modeling of urban environments and empirical studies of urban practice.

We are looking for a research assistant with the following responsibilities:

Job Responsibilities

  • Internal and external communication (30%). Internal and external communication tasks include the maintenance of the lab’s website and social media, creation of outreach products, writing blog articles, and liaising with NTU’s communication team

  • Administrative support (30%). Administrative support tasks include planning events, supporting travel logistics, processing forms and reimbursements

  • Research and teaching support (40%). Research and teaching support involves conducting literature reviews, assisting with writing proposals, research papers, and teaching materials

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in social or environmental sciences, or related fields

  • Research experience or strong interest in the field of ecosystem services or nature-based solutions

  • Excellent written communication skills

  • Experience with graphic design, or managing social media communication (Preferred)

Join us and submit your application:

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